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Birthday’s With Toddlers

Happiest birthday to the reason I smile at 6:00 AM every morning and collapse into bed bed every night.

Camilla turned two years old this past December. In the midst of the Holiday season, there is definitely no shortage of decorations. However, I kept myself strong by not decorating for the holidays completely, at least until Camilla’s birthday past.

For her birthday, I decided to go with a “bubble” theme as she was obsessed with bubbles at the time and what toddler doesn’t want to play with bubbles? To keep things simple I bought a bunch of white and clear balloons which I hung from the ceiling and taped to the walls throughout the house. With the price of helium being outrageously high, I only needed to fill 5 balloons for the front door, keeping my cost pretty low! I always need fresh flowers for all my events, so I went to Costco and bought two bouquets of flowers, which I assembled myself into six floral arrangements in metallic pink mason jars.  As a mother of girls, I used pink tablecloths from previous years and of course, no birthday goes by without a cupcake stand in this house!

All the kids received battery operated bubble guns when they arrived, and to take home as their party favor. I ordered the bubble guns on Amazon and they seemed to be a big hit. As much as I tried to encourage them to shoot off their gun on the grass, it became apparently unpreventable that kids took the bubble party inside my house. With tile floors, the soap from the bubbles caused a few slips and falls but luckily no one got hurt!

My only regret was getting hot pink icing on the cupcakes! It’s not fun removing hot pink icing from furniture, curtains and floor, but it did make some great pictures!

I love all the life in your eyes and the life you brought into mine. You are everything and beyond! Worth every wrinkle you’ve caused me.


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