It’s Official, but Not That Official


It’s official, but not that official! Camilla is a “big girl” and therefore needs a “big girl” room. And by “big” I mean only 20 months old, which is still a total baby in my eyes. However, since becoming a big sister to our newest member of the family, Calista Mae, the nursery will be handed down to Calista and as a result Camilla is forced out. Therefore, in an attempt to mentally prepare her to move into her new bedroom, I’ve been boasting about what a big girl she’s become.

Camilla will actually be moving into what used to be the guest bedroom on the third floor of our town home. Being a guest room in a house with all girls, I felt we needed a masculine room to balance all the feminine decor. I went with a navy color palot, including navy curtains, navy rugs and a navy comforter. The furniture is brown, masculine and modern in style from Crate and Barrel. Needless to say, it was going to be a challenge to convert the room into a cute girly style without completely starting over.

As I was brainstorming ideas, my first thought was to add floral. Nothing is more feminine than floral. I browsed through hundreds of floral patterns and found the perfect one on a website called I bought a few throw pillows and a matching paining which complimented the original navy decor previously in the guest room. The floral was a vast improvement but I knew I needed to bring in a lot more pink to make this room more feminine.

Next, I went to Home Goods and bought a couple more pillows in a pink geometric design, in addition to a few pink frames and a little vase with fake pink flowers, which I placed on her dresser, nightstands and shelves on the wall. The room was starting to come together. My final finishing touch to complete Camilla’s new toddler room was a large area rug, also pink of course! Having already added some geometric pattern into the mix, I decided the find a striped option. Stripes are such a hot trend right now.  I think the floral and geometric patterns together actually created a really cool combination. What do you think?

After moving in all her stuffed-animals, dolls and other toys, I felt the room had officially transformed into a girly toddler room. I wasn’t sure how it all would come together, but at the end of the day, it’s nothing that a little pink, floral and tassels couldn’t fix! Camilla loves her new room already and is asking me when she can sleep in here. I’ll admit I am a little worried about her being on the third floor, but she is such an independent and sharp girl, I know it won’t be a problem. She is so amazing!

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