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Nothing Says Easter More Than Pastel Pink!

Easter is all about new life. As flowers start to bloom, the sun starts to come out and the temperature gets warmer. It’s why this time of year, I like to welcome Easter with a touch of soft pastels throughout my home.

To me, that means adding my favorite color pink!

I created a bundle of pastel Easter eggs for a festive centerpiece on my dining room table. I found a rustic wood sign that says “Hello Spring” in colorful writing from my favorite store Hobby Lobby. I placed it on my kitchen countertop visible where we hang out a lot. I added a few eggs and flower accents around the sign to complete the look.

I bought a few furry pink pillow covers on amazon to replace my usual teal pillows which badly needed to be washed anyways. With toddlers in the house, their sticky little fingers touch everything!

I also found two coral/pink glass vases as I was wandering aimlessly around SoCo one day and they were too beautiful to pass up. With a house full of girls (and one man) I can’t have too much pink in the house.

Of course, the holiday is not complete without the guest of honor himself, the Easter Bunny! Without accumulating too much Easter décor that you’ll have to store away and may not use again, I decided to borrow a couple of my daughters stuffed animal bunnies. Even if you’re not decorating on a budget, look through your kids toys and you’ll be surprised on what you can use as decoration. I pulled out a few dusty white bunnies and sat one on my living room couch and propped up a couple on some shelves.

My home décor style is all about simple, modern and chic. These Easter decorations for your home add the perfect touch of Easter and Spring… and above all nothing says Easter more than Pink!


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