Hosting in your Home

Outdoor Dining

The summer is upon us! The sun is out and sky is blue! I’ve been waiting for an excuse to plan an outdoor dinner party so when my mom’s birthday rolled around, I was eager to host her party, and return the favor for all the birthdays she’s thrown for me in my 33 years!

Our town home has a decent size courtyard. Our patio dining table from Crate and Barrell seats eight people comfortably. I invited some of my moms friends and family including kids of all ages. I prepped for a picnic-style affair to keep things simple on myself, and especially when kids are involved, it can get kind of messy. I bought a small picnic table from Ikea which is perfect for toddlers! The only downside is that it came in a hundred pieces and took about an hour to assemble. It wasn’t difficult at all, but I definitely had to focus.

Since tulips are currently in season, I bought two colorful bouquets from Costco that I arranged in mason jars on the tables throughout my house. With minimal decor and table setting, I focused my attention on serving a delicious dinner with appetizers and good wine.

Hosting parties are always a bit stressful but having it outdoors makes the energy and vibe so relaxing and the clean up so easy!

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