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A Sparkly Baptism for a Sparkly Girl

“Some girls were born with glitter in their veins” and my little Calista is one of those girls!  She may not even be one years old yet, but her personality is coming in strong!

Married to a Greek man, my two biological girls are half Norwegian (from my side) and half Greek. Even at birth, Calista possessed all the physical features of her Greek heritage, giving me total Greek goddess vibes from the start. So when I started planning for her baptism, I got my inspiration from the Greek Orthodox Church. As such, I decked out the house in gold and sparkly gold accents, channeling Calista’s inner Greek goddess. If you’ve ever been inside a Greek church, you would know.

It wasn’t that much work to accomplish it either. One word: table linens. I went to my favorite website for linens called They offer a wide variety of colors, sizes, fabrics and other decor items at a very low cost. I discovered their website years ago when I bought some generic white linens that have endured multiple washes and still look great. Moving on… I decided to go with a beautiful gold satin for all the tables and added a sparkly sequin gold table runner.

Next, I went to JoAnns and bought some gold mason jars. I always receive their promotional discounts via text, and as a person who plans ahead, I waited to buy them until I got a good discount. I hate paying full price for anything! As with any special occasion, I needed fresh flowers for all the tables as well as throughout the house. I went with vibrant red, coral and yellow roses — the colors of roses popped so beautifully on the gold tones of the tables!

Being an early afternoon affair, we served mimosas, rosè, white wine and lemonade. We had Mediterranean food catered, a large cake with a yellowish gold icing, fresh fruit and Jordan almonds are an absolute must in the Greek tradition for good luck!


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