Home Improvements

Taking The Garage to The Next Level!

We bought our house nearly four years ago and my husband and I have been talking about having our garage floors done ever since we moved in. Well, we finally pulled the trigger, emptying out the garage and accomplishing some much needed “Spring Cleaning” in the process.

For some people the garage floors are usually something they don’t pay much attention but we live in a town home and rarely use our front door. Our garage has essentially become our main entrance into our house.

With all the dust, bugs and debris that tends to accumulate in the garage, it naturally started to trail into our house too. In addition to having children’s toys, wagons, multiple strollers, bikes, second refrigerator etc. we definitely knew we wanted epoxy flooring, which is a durable coating that covers the concrete and serves multiple benefits!

For anyone considering installing epoxy floors, I highly recommend it and here are a few reasons why:

  1. Our house was a new construction, and in only four years, we had cracks all over the concrete. Epoxy prevents a lot of cracks from forming reducing dirt and access for bugs to crawl through.
  2. It’s very low maintenance! In addition to cracks, concrete is very porous making it difficult to clean properly. The epoxy creates a seal that is smooth and therefore super easy to clean.
  3. It looks beautiful! Coatings are usually available in an array of colors and patterns to fit your specific style. Since we use our garage so often, aesthetics were important to make it feel less like a grungy garage.
  4. Epoxy coatings are also more resistant to spills and oils whether its from your car leaking, the kids painting their latest masterpiece or making slime.
  5. The coating is also less likely to be slippery, making it much safer than concrete, and very important when you have clumsy little children running around.

The final result looks beyond beautiful. I think the garage might be my new favorite room in our house! If you are looking for a contractor in Southern California, we got our floors done with Dex-O-Tex, headquartered in Los Angeles and services nationwide.


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