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Closet Makeover

There is hope for all you small walk-in closets! Size does NOT matter. Investing in a wardrobe is worth every penny! It’s all about maximizing your space with shelves, double rod hanging systems, storage containers and even more shelves! Even if you don’t have a big budget for a complete makeover, you can get some pretty good deals and finance options from Closet World. You can also incorporate little details that add a touch of charm to make your closet look and feel glam.

In my house, I have a small walk-in closet and regular wall closet, so we hired Closet World to tear out our former unit and install a much taller system creating much more functionality. The new system included numerous shelves for shoes, double rods for hanging clothes, one section for my long dresses, a set of drawers for me (because my husband uses the dresser), a tie and belt organizer and additional shelves along the top.

I splurged on a bench that I bought from Home Goods because having a seat where you can put on your shoes makes everything so convenient. I also happened to have an IKEA faux sheepskin rug which softened the vibe with all the straight edges of the panels. Furthermore, I bought a few vases with fake pink flowers since no real plants could survive in a room with no natural sunlight. It made the space feel homey like I want to hang out in there.

I bought lots of storage containers from the Container Store. I made sure to buy all the same color to create a sense of consistency between the walk-in closet and wall closet. I also got a couple decorative boxes to add a touch of color and floral pattern to complement the fake flowers.

I like to keep certain things visible so I designated shelves for all my denim where I keep my jeans neatly folded and accessible. I did them same with my purses and hats for both me and my husband.

I made certain to have a large section dedicated to all my shoes…. and I’m not referring to tennis shoes and sandals, but all my fancy heals and wedges which I rarely get to wear since I have toddlers. I’m enjoying them way more now that I can see them better – like the centerpiece of a dining table! It also helps me plan an outfit easier.

The lighting in our closet was terrible so I knew we had to install new lamps. I measured the current fixtures and went onto Amazon and started exploring the options. I found a beautiful crystal chandelier which fit perfectly and provides great light on top of it! Always read the reviews before you buy something!

I consolidated all my accessories that I used to keep in my bathroom, in the closet and some on top of our dresser. Now everything, including my sunglasses are on display which makes it feel like I’m kind of going shopping in my own closet.

I’m very good at getting rid of things and giving stuff away to my friends or Salvation Army. Unless it’s a fancy gala dress for special occasions, if you haven’t worn it in over a year, it’s time to purge. Don’t be a hoarder!

Your closet shouldn’t overwhelm you or cause stress. Instead it should be a place you want to spend a good amount of time. As women, it takes a while to put together an outfit and accessorize. So rather than searching through a heap of unorganized clutter, your wardrobe should bring enjoyment and inspiration to dress for success every day!


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