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Happy Falloween

Fall yields many upcoming holidays and a wide variety of decorations including rustic colors, burlap, pine-cones, ghosts, bats and pumpkin spice everything!

The first Holiday to kick off the season is one of my favorite ones, Halloween. As my little babies have transformed into toddlers in the blink of an eye, decorating for Halloween has never been more fun and my objective is to get the house looking its creepiest without scaring them.

Fun, festive, cute and most importantly simple is my motto in everything I do. I am too busy to transform my house into a haunted house and I like to make it easy on myself to clean up when the holiday is over. It is my personal style to keep my house minimal while making the theme of Halloween shine through.

I start by removing some of my key decor pieces that I keep out most of the year to create a clean pallet. I focus on the living room, kitchen and guest bathroom.  I scatter creepy pumpkins throughout these rooms to create a sense of consistency. I add some skulls, spiders and couple vases of dead black roses, some of which are placed on top of a black cobweb which looks great on white counters. I also hang a few images of black cats and ghosts made of felt to cover the existing art in my kitchen.

My dining room table is focal point in my living room so I like to get creative with it. I went for a witch theme with a big book of spells in the center with a pair of witch boots on top – of course I had to incorporate shoes in somewhere! I got a witch’s broom, two black candle holders and a giant spider to complete the table.

Another great way to evoke the feeling of Fall and Halloween is to transition your pillow covers to rustic colors. I have different pillows covers for every season. I love integrating signs when I decorate, so I have many signs sitting on ledges and on counters that say “Boo”, “Scary” and “Happy Halloween!” to finish off the overall look.

In the midst of selling your home? As a Real Estate Agent, I thought I’d include some tips for people who currently have their houses listed on the market:

  1. Stick to Fall theme decorations such as pumpkins, cornstalks, gourds and hay, rather than Halloween decorations. You don’t want potential buyers to feel like they’re visiting a haunted house they’ll run screaming from.
  2. Focus mostly on decorating the exterior of the house. Too many distractions inside will detract from features of the house, making the buyers focus on the wrong thing. I recommend using faux pumpkins to avoid critters and possible rotting.
  3. Never be the house in the neighborhood with the inflatable or electronic front yard decor.
  4. The inside of your home can be subtly decorated with candles and soaps in Fall-inspired scents and colors which will add a nice touch to the kitchen and bathrooms.
  5. Get your photography pictures done prior to any decorating!

Please think of me if you know anyone who is looking for a Real Estate Agent in Orange County.

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